Photo credit by: LIPU Castel di Guido

The illegal killing of wolves in Italy continues.

We believe that a lot of misinformation had been done in Italy also by media, blogs and certain press, which, to support the political vision of their readers, continue to release alarming news of wolf population being out of control and being dangerous for cattle, pets and even humans.

This is a complete media fake and actually directors should be accountable for information that is responsible of leading certain public to the illegal killing of a species that is protected nationally and internationally by specific directives of the EU.

Such affirmations do not reflect any scientific data.

“Canis Lupus Italicus” is smaller than its relative, the grey wolf, and it is very shy. It feeds 95% on boars and does not represent a danger but for its natural preys. It, as all wolves, plays a very important role in the ecosystem and keeps the boar population healthy and under control.

Photo credit by: LIPU Castel di Guido

Also, when accidental killing of livestock occurs, Italian farmers can apply and receive from the EU a full financial compensation for their losses.

The story of  “Disable  Wolfy”  was of major interest for a few reasons: his  pack of  seven wolves, two parents and five pups born in the spring of 2017,  had appeared and settled in the surrounding countryside of Rome, returning, after more of a century of absence and just for this special reason had to be specially protected.

The wolf is, by the way,  the symbolic icon of Rome and this event was welcomed with great enthusiasm and thrill by most, by scientists, ecologists and public.

“She-Wolf Suckling Romulus and Remus” by Ludovico Carracci (1590)

The wolves had chosen a protected area, the Oasi LIPU di Castel di Guido,  where they did not represent any risk or disturbance. 

What was really interesting and amazing, though, was that one of the five pups was born with two paralyzed legs and the pack took responsibility for him and instead of abandoning him to his destiny, carried on feeding him and protecting him for nearly a year.  “Disabled Wolfy” had grown stronger and happy in his pack dynamic, as confirmed by trap cameras of the reserve.

Photo credit by: LIPU Castel di Guido

This was a very interesting and unexpected behaviour which told us a lot about the social structure of a wolf pack and in particular about the nature of Canis Lupus Italicus.

We were following this story with great interest and were shocked to learn that on the 10th of April the crushed body of “Disable Wolfy” was found on a dirty and bumpy road, inside the reserve.

Investigations have indicated the death has been caused by trauma from a vehicle, driven most probably on propose over the animal which moved very slowly, in a location where visibility was good and the speed limit was 20km per hour.

The fact had also happened at night when the reserve was closed.

The vehicle had left clear prints which showed there was no attempt to brake.

The fairy tale of “Disable Wolfy” raised by his loving parents and sibling was crushed by a criminal act.

Photo credit by: LIPU Castel di Guido

We feel very powerless in front of such vile, ignorant, arrogant and senseless action and can only say that a disable wolf played a far more important role to society than the coward person who murderer him.

We hope that the authorities will manage, through the investigation, find this culprit and bring him to justice, since Italy, with its many poaching cases across the nation, really needs to properly address the issue of crimes against  wildlife.


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