FUTURE 4 WILDLIFE is a No Profit Voluntary Organization based in South Africa. It was founded in 2016 by European-South African activists, with the aim to focus on African and European issues.


Our campaigns:

It has promoted the ban to export African leopard parts to USA, has fought the approval of a lion skeleton export quota from South Africa to Asia in 2017.

Has proposed the ban on the use of gin traps and poison 1080 in South Africa; the result of this campaign is still pending.

FUTURE 4 WILDLIFE is also planning to reduce poaching by promoting educational projects in schools and among poor communities in the surrounding of African Parks.

In Europe, FUTURE 4 WILDLIFE has strongly campaigned for the protection of wolves. In 2017 the organization, through the involvement of EU Nature 2000 and UN, managed to suspend the approval of drafts which included the culling of wolves in Italy and Norway.