Environmental Campaigns


FUTURE 4 WILDLIFE  is facing many challenges,

Wildlife is threatened by many factors. Predators, big herbivores and primates are often seen as “problem animals” and killed for economic interests by farmers or poor communities. Wild animals are victims of the loss of suitable land. Public land and prairies are often also occupied by commercial cattle and this takes away further land to wild animals and exacerbate the conflict predator-human activities, which is, then, poorly managed. Defenseless species fall victims of poisoning, secondary poisoning, trapping and pollution. Vulnerable and even endangered species are traded internationally, dead or alive or captive bred for government’s and privates` profit. Wildlife falls also victim of natural disasters.

FUTURE 4 WILDLIFE promotes education and change trough the realization of educative projects. Trough scientific, legal and economic research, it campaigns, reports and monitors the approval of laws for the improvement of wildlife import-export procedures. It carries ahead cruelty investigations in wildlife exploitation, illegal killing-trapping and wildlife live trade abuse. It campaigns for the protection of the environment, in particular for the ban of single-use plastic and the reduction of intensive farming. It creates powerful partnerships through communication, networking and the involvement of celebrities. It promotes disaster prevention, disaster drill in captive facilities and after disaster AID facilitation.