The South African Government has approved a yearly export quota for 800 lion skeletons to trade from South Africa to Asia, starting from 2017 and renewable in 2018.

Every year 800 lions will be killed and taken from the shameful captive breeding industry. This is a way to feed this private industry and business which are in decline due to public opposition.

Several studies suggest that any trade linked to lion farming negatively impacts on the declining wild lion population. In fact, how can lion bones from captive lions be distinguished from those of wild lions and what processes need to be in place to prevent leakage from illegal sources to legal ones? Is the SA State in possess of adequate studies to confirm that this trade will not be detrimental for the wild lion population as requested at the CITES 17 for all species listed in Appendix II, Article IV?

We are afraid there are not sufficient rules in place to avoid wild lion bones to be mistaken and trafficked instead of captive lion bones.

We are afraid DEA has insufficient data on how the industry operates, who the breeders, bone traders are, how many lions are in the industry and how many “facilities” there are. The industry would be, in essence, left free to operate and the threat for the lion wild population, in this conditions is HUGE.

We fear the ethic and the corruption in the system of the lion captive breeding facilities.

We are aware this kind of farming doesn’t respect the Animal Welfare standards.

We are aware the State is currently not in possess of adequate studies to confirm the trade will not be detrimental for the wild lion population. These studies should also indicate how to safely proceed with strategies and rules to regulate the trade and captive lion farming. This was formally requested at the CITES 17: Export Permit Shall only be granted for Appendix II species when a scientific authority of the State will advise that such export will not be detrimental to the survival of that species.

We ask CITES AND IUCN to investigate on which data has the South African Department of Environmental Affairs, determined such quota.

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