In Tuscany, Italy, one more wolf has been brutally killed, then skinned and hung from a street sign with the note: “NO to Wolf Culling? YES to Prevention.” It is a criminal and vile act, a declaration of war towards the European and Italian legislation, which protects this vulnerable species.


Many wolves have been poached in the past few months. Local farmers refuse to adopt any of the preventative measures imposed by European legislation and chose violence and criminal acts, instead.

The Italian government seems to allow this and people are scared to talk.

It is very sad to see that authorities in Tuscany are openly opposed to the protection of wolves and wildlife in general and are criminally declaring war on protected species.

Most of all, they are showing total disrespect for the European law, 20 Jan 2017/ 128, pag 1-3 and paragraph 11 which protects wolves and also hybrids and requires the approval of specific derogations by the Italian Government for any kind of disturbance.

It is a priority to protect the Italian wolf from any form of threat, in particular after recent studies on the Italian wolf’s genetic have indicated this species as particular and unique in the whole world (May 17).

Tuscany detains the shameful leadership for poaching cases against protected mammals and against wolves while it is ranked in the top three for the number of protected birds illegally killed each year (CABS 2015-2016,

Bad practices as hunting at night and with illegal devices and killing with traps and poison inside protected areas are all habits widespread and sadly accepted by local population and authorities.

We, people and tourists of the world, do not want to support this horrible behavior.

We urge the EU to intervene on the Italian Minister Galletti and Regione Toscana for not protecting the Italian wolf from poachers.

We demand EU to investigate the Vice-President of the Italian Farmer Association, Tuscany (CIA) Mr Enrico Rabazzi for his many official statements such as: “If the government is not going to allow the culling of wolves, we will do it with our own methods, legal or illegal. Wolves must disappear” and “Enough of this pointless efforts to save the wolves, hunters should help the farmers by shooting wolves and… by gunning down also whoever wants to oppose this!”

These declarations have caused a wave of violence on wolves and other wild animals, illegally killed by bullets and poison. For Rabazzi’s many declarations, see links below.

We also ask EU to investigate how the funds EU have been allocating to Italian farmers, for their cattle loss due to wolf predation have actually been used. To verify if sufficient measures have been applied to prevent accidents and if the deaths reported are actually linked to wolves attacks or not.

Save Our Wolves International 



Data on Poaching in Tuscany and Italy. Data CABS 2015-2016

Tuscany is the leading region for poaching cases

For Mr Rabazzi`s many declarations, see links:

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Queen Guitarist Brian May appeals to boycott Tuscany for its shameful behaviour towards wolves and wildlife