Specific European Legislation is necessary to prevent the malpractice of abusing, neglecting, abandoning, exploiting, torturing or killing companion, domestic or stray animals. Such malpractice is widespread across many European Member States while the whole issue is not covered by any EU legislation.

Future 4 Wildlife, with the collaborations of many organizations, will deliver to the European Petition Portal, on May 14th 2018, the Petition

and a full report (70 pages) that you can read HERE.
Such work includes a summary of scientific studies, laws, facts, strategies and opinions from millions of European citizens, with the hope that the European Commission will consider the approval of  legislation across all Member States, aimed at the prevention of poor welfare and abuse on pets and at mitigating the emergency represented by stray animals and their management in many European countries.

We need you to support our initiative by signing the Petition and, if you are representing an Organization, by becoming our Partner for this project, please contact: for more info, thank you.